The small things make a big difference, and in a competitive job market, the small details are what will set you apart from your peers. Having an accurate, details-oriented resume is a great way to make a positive first impression to an employer, and can speak to your work ethic before you sit down for an interview. 

Whether you are crafting a resume from scratch our you’re looking for compelling ways to bolster an already-stellar resume in order to stand out, consider these next tips before submitting your next job application:

Research the Role

Companies are looking for passionate professionals who will go above and beyond to do their job. Research the role, and highlight previous positions that help solidify your experience for this role. Consider how your professional background and prior roles are different from the position you are currently applying for. Diverse perspective can be an important asset when describing how your past experiences have prepared you for this role on the team.

Keep Resumes Short & Sweet

Highlight the most important aspects of your professional career by keeping your resume to a single page. Carefully comb through your relevant experiences to ensure every description focuses on relevant transferable skills to the job for which you’re applying. The less time your recruiter has to spend reviewing long descriptions the better, as many are looking for candidates who are concise and detail oriented. In addition, focus on keeping your resume to a single page.

Use Spell Check

Artificial Intelligence is your friend! Running your resume through spell check can eliminate any accidental errors and suggest any grammatical corrections you may have overlooked. If you don’t have immediate access to spell check on Microsoft Word, websites like Grammarly can also examine your resume for errors. Meticulously reviewing your resume will ensure to your prospective employer that you’re detail oriented and thoughtful.

Share with a Professional

Two sets of eyes are better than one! Share your resume with a friend, a trusted colleague, mentor, or professional and politely ask for feedback. Although it may seem embarrassing at first, showing your resume to a mentor and asking for feedback will show your dedication, and will help catch small errors before submitting your resume to a job application. Getting a fresh set of eyes who have never seen your resume before will allow for others to pick up on details you may have overlooked. 

Partner with a Top Recruiting Agency

Crafting a resume goes a long way toward helping you land your dream role. The team at Accountability Resources will help you leverage your past experiences and maximize your strengths to create the most compelling resume possible. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to our vast library of open finance and accounting jobs. Capitalize on years of networking and industry knowledge by working with recruiters who truly care – and produce results. Get in touch with us, and take the next step toward building a winning career.