Looking for a prospective employer is a lot like dating: in both the dating world and the job market you’re looking for someone reliable, someone whose values and lifestyle match your own, and someone who will support your growth. More often than not, you’ll meet a wide variety of individuals that are a better match for someone else, and you’ll be left wondering if your other half is still out there. 

Don’t worry, you’re not too picky and you’re certainly not alone; finding the perfect employer is possible. It’s easy to overlook red flags, but the more you familiarize yourself with what you are looking for in a potential employer the easier your search will become.

Consider the following points regarding culture, career growth, and company ethics to help guide your search towards finding your perfect match.

1. Potential for Growth

It’s every corporate employee’s worst fear: a dead-end job. When looking at prospective employers, consider whether the skills you’ll obtain from this position will provide a launching point for new opportunities, or whether this job will stall your career. If this employer allows you to grow your skill set while providing opportunities for mobility within the company, that’s a strong indication your potential employer is committed to your growth and success. 

2. Aligned Ethics and Values

There’s no feeling quite like coming into work fulfilled and empowered by your company’s goals, values, and overall mission statement, especially after a 40 hour work week. If after researching your prospective employer you feel excited about your role within your job, this is an excellent indication that your ethics and values align. In addition, consider various volunteering opportunities your employer offers. If your employer does not currently offer opportunities to give back to the community, consider the culture and whether upper management would consider taking new volunteering opportunities under consideration. 

3. Culture Fit

Although it’s easy to dismiss, take time to ensure you enjoy the employer’s atmosphere, including your peers. Whether your job is entirely remote, a mix of hybrid work, or if your office works fully in person, you’ll be working on teams with your fellow employees, so it’s important to assess whether or not you’re able to collaborate effectively with your teammates, as well as ensuring your voice will be heard from managers and higher level staff. 

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