As your career progresses, you may find yourself crossing paths with the same people again and again – especially in accounting and finance jobs. This makes sense; we prefer to do business with the people we trust, and trust is only built through the establishment of a meaningful or successful relationship over time.

Sometimes, careers can circle all the way back around. If you are considering returning to a previous employer, you’re not alone. It is a relatively common occurrence in the business world, and might actually be a great move. Here are some key points to keep in mind when deciding whether to rejoin your former crew.

Take Stock of Your Relationships

Before commingling with your former co-workers, take a moment to evaluate how your relationships at the firm will react to reconnection. If you left your role on a good note, you may be welcomed back with open arms. On the other hand, if tensions with an old manager or frictions within your workflows caused stress within your team, it may be best to consider working in a different capacity with fresh faces. Even though you may know the general way of things at the company, you still want to make a positive second impression and start things off on the right foot with your colleagues.

Recognize How They (and You) Have Changed

In most cases, there will have been turnover since your departure. New leaders may have enacted different work policies, and the team may look and behave differently than you remember. Do some reconnaissance by connecting with current employees you have maintained relationships with to get the inside scoop. The company may have changed in a larger way as well, updating their core values, their physical workspace, and their approach to client interactions. You may very well be entering a totally different company, so be prepared for a potential culture shock.

Similarly, you have grown and changed since your departure from the firm, garnering new experiences and credentials. Don’t be content to assume a role equivalent to the one you left behind. Be sure to value yourself appropriately based on your recent successes, and be diligent about expressing that value during the interview process.

Define a Path Forward

Your place of employment should be a place that not only affords you the lifestyle and compensation you are looking for, but also provides a strong foundation to build the rest of your career. Will rejoining your previous employer allow you to craft the future you dream about? It may be worth revisiting the reasons you left in the first place, and honestly evaluating whether those issues will arise again in the future.

If you decide to take the leap back into familiar waters, be clear and intentional about your goals and career roadmap. Avoid taking the easy way out, as it may handicap you down the line. While entering a large-scale search for the right accounting or finance job can seem intimidating, the right recruitment firm can help alleviate the stress and confusion of the process.

Make the Right Choice for Your Career

Navigating the job market doesn’t have to be a mystery. There is a way to make calculated, intelligent decisions that further your career aspirations and help land you the job you’ve always wanted.

The team at Accountability Resources strives to be the recruitment firm you deserve. We will help you leverage your past experiences and maximize your strengths to create the most compelling application package. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to our vast library of open finance and accounting jobs. Capitalize on years of networking and industry knowledge by working with recruiters who truly care – and produce results. Get in touch with us, and let’s start building the story of your career.