Has our world changed forever? As recruiters or interviewees, we no longer need to show up, dress to impress, shake hands, and experience the anxiety or excitement of meeting your potential new employer. In this post-COVID world, we now live in a society where one can now sit behind a screen dressed from the waist up and conduct interviews or meet potential employers via a quick link. Convenient, yes! Harmful in the long run…. potentially; and here’s why.

Think about the conversations you have with people you already know via phone, FaceTime, in-person. When do you feel more connected, more engaged? When you are in-person with an individual you are able to gage reactions and read people’s emotions. Now think how it would be with a stranger. Someone you are trying to potentially hire to join your company, your team, work with you and your colleagues. The difference between a 15-minute phone call or video conference and an in-person hour conversation can make an impact that can potentially save your organization thousands of dollars.

Absolutely, the virtual world has saved us all time! Recruiters can interview dozens of potential candidates in one day instead of half that due to time constraints and meeting in-person versus virtually; However, are we exchanging quantity over quality and losing personal connection in this post-COVID world?


Written by Ashley Gharib