What a good resume looks like

Follow these guidelines to ensure your resume gets noticed.

  • One to two pages, no more.
  • Resume should start with personal information centered at the top.
  • Employment history looks best with this layout:
    • COMPANY NAME, along with the City and State
    • One Sentence Description of the Company
    • Title
    • Responsibilities – these should be in a bulleted format. Narrative formats are difficult to read and unappealing.
    • Date of employment should be to the right, not in the left hand margin. (Gets too much attention).
    • Don’t bold dates, unless tenure is solid.
    • If you have had a series of promotions, put those dates next to titles in ( ).
    • Education last, not first, unless entry level.
    • Additional Skills, and Computer Skills, are titles (sections) should be put at the bottom of the page.
  • The resume should be brief and informative. Putting accomplishments on the resume in paragraph form makes it too lengthy. The one on one interview is the time to expand upon your experience and accomplishments.