“The New Normal” is the unofficial term for 2020, and as tired of this phase as we are, nothing truly encompasses the pivot the world took with that one phase. Here we are a year later and it rings true even today, specifically, for the recruiting industry.  We aim to provide excellent service in sourcing qualified talent for our clients. I believe platforms (like Zoom) came in like a “knight in shining armor,” reminding us to connect personally and professionally. Becoming the new “let’s meet for coffee” interview format as we could no longer meet in person. Mind you, virtual interviewing isn’t a new art; it’s typically utilized for out-of-state candidates or if schedules couldn’t align to meet in person. Shortly after the initial adjustment of virtual interviews becoming the only way, it dawned on everyone how efficient this actually is. Virtually recruiting meant you could utilize time more wisely. You’re no longer commuting to an office or coffee shop, which also saves on costs—saving money on top of saving time? Sign me up!

Because of this, our industry wasn’t affected as heavily as others. As many companies tried to navigate these uncharted waters, some laid off staff, furloughed, or closed their doors permanently. After a few months, with forecasting budgets, PPP loans, etc., companies needed to hire again, and they needed to hire fast. Virtually recruiting candidates had to happen more quickly than ever before, especially as job orders kept rolling in. To meet this type of volume, going back to the way it was before would never work.

The question is if virtual recruiting here to stay. I believe it is. Saving time and working smarter, not harder, is the invaluable lesson we’ve learned from this past year. As technology continues to evolve, so will everything else, making the process faster and more efficient. The only downside to this virtual approach would be not to lose the human touch that is vital in making a recruiter great.